Projects 2010

Sudbury Regional Hospital

Sudbury, Ontario

Construction on the expanded Laurentian site commenced in March 2007 and saw the addition of 1.5 million square feet of new and redeveloped space. Three existing hospitals were amalgamated and all hospital based acute and rehabilitation services were consolidated at the new regional site. The sites were successfully relocated in phases in December of 2009, January, February and March of 2010.

In Phase 1, HCR relocated the Children's Treatment Centre and Infant Development from the St. Jerome Street site to the new regional site. This move did not include patients and occurred in December over a three day period.

In Phase 2, HCR relocated the Memorial site that included Pharmacy, six O.R.s, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Records, Labs, Pastoral Care, PACU, Respiratory Therapy, Gift Shop, Foundation, SPD, Dietary, Biomed, Ophthalmology, Day Surgery, Hand Clinic, Volunteers and offices from other off site spaces. HCR acted as the senders and receivers for the patient move and worked with the units to develop the roster. There were 81 patients moved on Sunday January 31st from the Memorial site to the new regional site.

In Phase 3, renovations that began after the Memorial site move were carried out so that HCR could move the ALC patients back into the renovated space. This patient move involved the relocation of 103 Alternative Level of Care (ALC) patients and the supporting from the Laurentian site to the new Transitional Care Unit at the Memorial site. This took place from February 15th to 18th.

In Phase 4, the St. Joseph's Health Centre was closed and relocated over a ten day schedule. This move included, but was not limited to, Occupational Health, Enterostomal Therapy, Psychology, Medical Photography, Social Workers, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, ICU, Respiratory, Pediatrics, Labs, six O.R.s, Occupational Therapy, Biomed, PACU, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging, Surgical Daycare and Physiotherapy. During this phase, HCR moved the Inpatient Psychiatry patients from the Kirkwood site to the new site. We were the senders and receivers for the patient move and worked with the units to develop the roster. The patient move went extremely well, with the last of over 240 patients being admitted at 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon. It took six hours and finished ahead of schedule.

Sudbury Northern Life Coverage


Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Methodist Healthcare Family

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Health Care Relocations applied their detailed planning strategies and productively moved this 7 storey facility to their new facility. The 250 bed 12 storey structure is adjacent to the old site. 70 percent of the existing medical equipment and furnishings were moved. This internal move took place over 9 days and the patient move was carefully executed over 2 days. On December 4th & 5th HCR supported the risk free transfer of 162 patients. Departments relocated by not limited to: NICU, PICU, EMU, Nursing Administration, Nutrition, Social Work & Case Management, Nursing Education, EEG, EKG, ECHO, Neurology, Infant & Toddler, 10 ORs for Surgery, Same Day Surgery, PACU & Recovery, ICU, IMCU, CVICU, Respiratory, Renal, Transplant, Cath Lab, Radiology, Emergency, Dietary, Gift Shop, Pharmacy.

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Mercy Medical Center

Merced, California

Health Care Relocations played a vital role in the move planning and preparation for the Mercy Medical Center Merced. Moreover, HCR provided strong leadership and risk mitigation during the physical relocations. The result being, on Sunday May 2nd, 2010, the successful transfer of 125 patients from the existing facility into the new and fully operational inpatient tower located 4 miles away. Through extensive move planning preparation with departmental managers, HCR was able to transfer all departments to the new facility with little disruption to services following or exceeding the move schedule created by HCR. Moves took place from 3 different locations into 3 building on one campus.

Departments relocated included but were not limited to: Volunteers, Security, Plant Operations, Clinical Engineering, Environmental Services, Radiology, Registration, Materials Management, Medical Records, Nutrition, Administration, Quality and Risk, Medical Staff, Library, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Cardiology, Operating Rooms, Physical Therapy, Critical Care Unit, Two Medical Surgery Units, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Two Telemetry Units, Labor and Delivery, Mother Baby and Emergency Department.

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Bluewater Healthcare Centre

Sarnia, Ontario

Over a 4 month period, HCR was involved in a two phased move and OPOI for the Bluewater Healthcare Facility (BWH). In May and June, the distribution and installation of a multitude of items throughout the BWH was completed in preparation of the opening of their new facility. HCR's duties throughout the OPOI process included but were not limited to: receiving and warehousing, PO verification, unpacking, assembly, garbage removal, delivery and installation of thousands of pieces of equipment and wall hung items. Many challenges were presented as the building was not in a state of completion which hindered a smooth process. HCR also installed all architectural room numbers throughout the building as an additional service to BWH to ready the building for staff training and final occupancy.

On June 25th, Phase 1 of the BWH relocation began with an internal move with links between the existing building and the new facility. 92 patients were efficiently moved and transferred to the new Rehab, CCC and Mother and Infant units on July 3rd.

Phase 2 took place from July 22nd to July 29th and saw HCR busy moving BWH's Mitton Site into their new facility and refurbished areas of their London and Russell buildings. HCR planned, sequenced and supervised all departments relocated with 73 Patients being transferred via EMS and Patient transfer vehicles.

HCR successfully performed all tasks to the complete satisfaction of the BWH Transitional Planning Team and are scheduling future moves at BWH.


Mercy Medical Center

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Health Care Relocations provided advanced planning services for the Mercy Medical Center's upcoming move. As there was a significant volume of furniture being reused and mingled throughout a variety of departments, HCR completed a thorough analysis of the existing furniture matrix. This additional step ensured that the master relocation scheduled was maintained and client satisfaction was provided. The patient move saw 75 patients comfortably relocated from the existing facility to the new Mary Catherine Bunting Center. HCR relocations concluded their onsite services with consolidation management and provided the center with a complete inventory of redundant assets.

Departments relocated but not limited to: Patient Care Services, Social Work, Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, OR/PAT, Admitting, Pathology & Nursing Staff Offices, Respiratory Therapy, Orthopedics, PCU Telemetry,10 Operating Rooms, Pre-Op, PAT, PACU, Central Sterilization, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pathology Lab, Dialysis, ICU and Nutrition Services.


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Toronto, Ontario

HCR spent more than a year planning the logistically challenging move from the Women's College Hospital to the brand new state of the art facility at the Sunnybrook Campus which will be home to the Women's & Babies Program. Four stories were added to the M Wing at Sunnybrook, two of which are dedicated to the Women's and Babies Program. The move itself took place over 6 days with the final day being the patient move. The move was complicated due to the fact that it was a 9 kilometer journey through the busy streets of Toronto and involved a total of 46 patients - 25 of which were ICU babies. Jamie McNeill's attention to detail provided both patients and staff peace of mind throughout the entire relocation process and allowed the patient move to be completed in a short three hours . Departments relocated included but are not limited to: NICU, NICU Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Gynecology Clinic, Doctor's offices and clinics, Pharmacy, Food Services, High Risk, Birthing, O.R.'s, Maternal and Newborn, Respiratory Therapy, Health Records, Occ. Health & Safety.

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Meno Ya Win Health Centre

Sioux Look Out, Ontario

The planning for the move to the brand new 140,000 square foot Meno Ya Win Health Centre was complicated by the remote accessibility for patient transportation and was an obstacle embraced by HCR. Several outbuildings were relocated from multiple sites as well as patient transfers were required from two separate locations - the existing hospital and the continuing care facility - both located 10 minutes away. With careful scheduling, planning and execution, on November 7th , 44 patients were safely relocated to the new 60 bed inpatient facility and the 100 bed hostel. Departments relocated but not limited to: Medical records, Lab, Administration offices, Dietary, OT, Dialysis, Prenatal, Pharmacy, Emergency, Surgery and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).

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The Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Edmonton, Alberta

This state of the art facility for Women's health is situated on the campus of the Royal Alexandra Hospital and occupies approximately 360,000 square feet. The internal move presented logistical challenges as the move originated from 5 different locations throughout the existing hospital site. The patient move was flawless and successfully transported 56 patients to the new facility.

Departments relocated but not limited to: Registration, Food & Nutrition, Environmental Services, Clinical Engineering, Administration, Operating Rooms, Labour & Delivery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Mother Baby, Day Surgery, Pre-Admission Clinics, Perinatal, Urogynecology, Colposcopy.

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Southlake Stronach Regional Cancer Centre

Newmarket, Ontario

This new outpatient cancer clinic is part of the Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario. HCR had been warehousing, organizing, delivering and performing installations (Owner Purchased /Owner Installed, OPOI) for the new facilities as the new space readies for occupancy. These installations have included, but are not limited to, wall hung items such as glove boxes, paper towel dispensers, flowmeters, hampers, carts and many other items and equipment pieces.


UHN and Cold Spring Harbour

Long Island, New York to Toronto, Ontario

In April, HCR performed a lab move from Cold Spring Harbour lab in New York to a UHN lab in Toronto. This involved the packing of cell lines and -80 and -20 items in dry ice for transportation. HCR also moved about forty equipment pieces that included, but not limited to, a hybridization oven, centrifuge, vortexer, Zeiss microscope, Thermo mixer, Multiporter and various other items. This move went very well and without any problems.


University Health Network Research and PMH Foundation

Toronto, Ontario

This project was an internal office move that required HCR to relocate over 160 offices and work station contents from the 8th floor to the 10th floor of the Hydro Building in downtown Toronto. The move began on a Thursday evening and continued over several days. This move was complicated by several factors. The move time was dictated and could only happen between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am the next morning. The building had strict rules regarding the use of their elevators; they could only be used after business hours during the week and only one was available that we shared with the systems furniture installers. The HCR team worked diligently through the night and got 95% of everything up to the new floor by 6:00 am. This allowed for a quick transition into the new space.

For two days following the move, HCR kept a crew on site to assist with setting up the new space, hanging items in offices, re-arranging furniture, installing keyboard trays, setting up and loading the storage room shelving and moving several items to offsite areas.


Quinte Health Care Bellville General Hospital Sills Wing

Bellville, Ontario

This expansion and renovation of the Bellville General included a 155,000 square foot 5-storey inpatient building called the Sills Wing. This was a multi-phased internal relocation that has included to date, the first phase - which consisted of the ICU patient move and part of the Rehab Unit. This phase was a small 10 patient relocation that was completed on August 18th, 2009.

Phase 2 was completed in February and included the relocation of the Children's Treatment Centre, Preschool Speech and Language, Recreational Therapy, Complex Continuing Care (CCC) physio gyms and CCC patients and Rehab Inpatients. This four day relocation also included consolidation of the old space.


Hamilton Health Sciences Research Facility

Hamilton, Ontario

The David Braley Cardiac,Vascular And Stroke Research Institute is a new facility that brings together the Population Health Research Institute and the Henderson Research Centre under one roof. This project was a two phased relocation. Phase 1 consisted mainly of relocating administrative and research offices from two out buildings and the main building of Hamilton General, into a new building at the General site. The two out buildings were on streets adjacent to the Hamilton General. This phase was completed in March, 2009.

Phase 2 was completed in January, 2010 and involved the relocation of their experimental pathology and wet laboratories as well as additional research office space.

These labs are animal facilities and had a large amount of specialized equipment that we relocated. Heated trucks were used to successfully relocate the animals during a cold January day.


Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital

Smiths Falls, Ontario

This hospital opened a 58,000 square foot addition to its' existing facility. In phase 1, HCR assisted in the planning and relocation of several departments and offices from the old section to the new area. These included, but were not limited to, Diagnostic Imaging (including files), SDCU(Day Surg.), Ambulatory Care, Cafeteria, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Control, O.R. Suites, ICU, Obstetrics, PACU and a number of offices. This was a successful three day internal move that finished on schedule. Phase 2 is expected in March 2011 after the renovations to the old section have been completed.


Henderson General Hospital

Hamilton, Ontario

HCR has been working with Henderson Hospital closely over the past couple years scheduling and mitigating all the risks that are possible with a multi-phased move. HCR completed the Owner Purchased Owner Installed (OPOI) from July 4th to 9th. Jason Card provided strong leadership and management skills during the relocation of the hospital from July 26th to August 2nd. The move went well and on August 1st all patients were successfully transferred to the new facility in a safe and timely manner. Departments relocated included but are not limited to: Operating Rooms, Pre-operation clinics, Inpatient Floors, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Pharmacy, Central Processing Department, Emergency Department, Endoscopy, Ambulatory Care, Colposcopy, etc..


North Bay Regional Health Centre - OPOI

North Bay, Ontario

From August 3rd to August 12th HCR completed the unpacking, assembly, distribution and installation of thousands of items throughout the North Bay hospital in preparation of their opening in January of 2011. The HCR team was able to complete the successful installation of items ahead of schedule throughout the 700,000 plus square foot facility. This early outfitting of the building will provide the North Bay hospital staff ample time to prepare and train in their new facility prior to the scheduled opening in January of 2011. HCR will be providing the moving services to the North Bay hospital scheduled for Jan 13th to Jan 30, 2011.


Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance - Stratford General Hospital

Stratford, Ontario

On August 4th, HCR completed the final moves into the newly constructed North Wing at the Stratford General Hospital. This was the final stage of the multi-phased project and included the Diagnostic Imaging Department, 5 Operating Rooms, Central Processing and the Emergency Department all moving into the new state of the art facility. This move was preceded by another successful move by HCR. In September 2009, HCR moved the ICU/CCU, Pediatrics, Respiratory Care and Mental Health Departments into their newly constructed areas. These moves involved the installation of approximately 1300 new wall hung items. The relocation of these departments culminated in the transfer of 13 ICU/CCU Patients and 36 Mental Health Patients all planned, coordinated and performed by HCR.


Southlake Diabetes Educational Centre

Newmarket, Ontario

The existing Diabetes Centre was located in the historic Tannery Mall in Newmarket. Relocated to the new facility about five kilometers away were nine offices and exam rooms, a large class room, a kitchen and a reception/waiting area. The move began at 6:00am and all items were removed from the Tannery Mall by 9:00am. As the Tannery building has only one (small) elevator, the move was scheduled early to minimize any inconvenience. At the new site, HCR put things away and hung all the wall items that the client required throughout their new space.