Welcome to: Health Care Relocations (HCR)

The physical relocation of a healthcare facility is a challenging task as there are many details to consider. It takes careful thoughtful planning. With the proven experience and expertise of Health Care Relocations (HCR) your move will be a smooth, precise procedure.

We Have the Expertise
Attention to detail combined with strong planning and interpersonal skills underline our commitment to provide a smooth relocation or amalgamation of your healthcare service. We integrate information flow between departments and create strategies to troubleshoot challenges. You will be served by extensive planning and ongoing communication.

Supervising and Monitoring
Supervising and monitoring any relocation project is a time-consuming process. A smooth trouble-free relocation of a hospital requires special skills and knowledge. We can supervise as much or as little as is required to control all aspects of the physical relocation.

Specialized Services: The Physical Relocation
Experts in healthcare relocations
Physical relocations
Disconnect / reconnect major equipment
Equipment and furniture installations
Move schedules
Health record files
Receipt and installation of OP/OI items at new facility
ACAD layouts for new rooms
Asset management

We will only provide those services requested to complement your in-house capabilities. You maintain control. Our expertise is the management, planning, coordination and actual physical relocation of the healthcare facility. Our supervisors work exclusively in healthcare.

After the Move
We will create, manage and execute a plan for the disposal of assets and redundant equipment. HCR can work with you to secure and shut down old facilities.

In the dynamic field of healthcare, our healthcare relocation team is uniquely qualified to provide the planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition during relocation. Our commitment to quality and integrity is matched only by our enthusiasm and is largely due to the accessibility and continuing involvement of the principals through the project.